Move over, Clorox!!

“Move over, Clorox!” That’s what I shouted in my head when I first made these bad boys 5 months ago. Going off of all those other tutorials that tell you to cut a roll of paper towels in half and then stick the darn thing inside a wipe-dispenser container (which TOTALLY DOES NOT WORK), I decided to do the silliest thing I could and do it myself the hard way.

After cutting the roll in half with a bread knife (be careful, folks!!), I unrolled the whole bit and folded it accordion-style. The mixture of ingredients I used are adapted from a few different recipes. With a messy husband, two dogs and myself being a very messy cook, I’ve had plenty of time to get it right. WP_20151204_16_16_07_Pro

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 3 tablespoons Dawn dish soap
  • 7-10 drops essential oil

WP_20151204_16_22_09_ProNow make sure you do what I didn’t—mix the ingredients BEFORE you pour it in the bag of towels. Just a quick whisk or stir and you will be set to shine! I make a double batch of this and keep them in the Ziploc baggie until I need them. I keep the batch I’m using in an old Swiffer pad refill container and with all the extra water in there, I’ve never had them dry out.

**A quick note on essential oils: this recipe has a very strong smell to it, and not a pleasant one. Although I feel that the counters get plenty clean, the smell is overwhelming. I have tried to mask/alter this with some essential oils, but Thieves and Purification are the only ones that I feel work well with the combination of cleaning solutions. I tried lavender, lemon and lime in the past and very sincerely DON’T recommend them in this recipe. If you know of any others that work well, please let me know!

Have you tried anything like these? Do you get yours to fit in those darn canisters? What’s the trick?!





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