Never in my life did I imagine I would be caretaker to a farm full of animals. When I was very little I wanted to be a veterinarian–until my dad told me I would have to give animals shots. I’ve always been a little soft-hearted I guess. But that’s also why I just can’t say no to more animals!

When Hubby and I started out, we had a handful of cast-off birds from friends and family plus the chicks we bought from the feed store. We were also gifted a pair of female goats as a wedding present and allowed to borrow their boyfriend. And living on our own out in the country, who doesn’t want a puppy? Then we were offered a great deal on a baby pig–why not get a pig? And why not get more chicks? And guineas? Then we surely had to take another puppy off someone’s hands. And of course we have room to permanently chicken-sit for Hubby’s father (his way of giving things to us).

Then came another pig.

And more chickens.

And then meat chickens.

And on and on it goes! Now I have two incubators of chicks, one tub of barred rocks, one hospitalized meat bird and a shed full of other birds! But instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel so completely blessed! I’m not going to preach or go off on a rail about religion and responsibility, but I’m just so happy. I feel strangely fulfilled by having 89 little souls to watch over–plus my favorite addition, Little E! Life is so good!!





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