Out Sick

Well, not really “out sick”, but I’ve definitely been very overwhelmed in the last few months. Little E, although amazing in every way, has proven to be a lot more than I thought I could handle. Not to begin a lesson in parenting, but seriously–NEVER underestimate the ability of a 0-8 month old to absorb your energy in every aspect of life. She still isn’t sleeping through the night, so you can imagine my reserves have been quite low for a long while now. And now with another little one on the way — SIGH — time to move on!

Since my previous posts in February and March, a great deal has happened here on the homestead. The chicks all hatched healthy and happy and are with their new family. Our own were unfortunately eaten by a combination of raccoons and a fox so all we have left is the Muscovy duck. The newest piggy made her debut as the main course for our traditional Fourth of July party (and was very tasty). The garden, though alive, is quite choked with weeds that I can never manage to stay on top of (I blame pregnancy). Hubby and I cut down our one apple and three pear trees with the sad lot only giving us 23 itty bitty pears.

Its been a weird few months, and I dearly miss my Rex (Barred Rock rooster). But life goes on! I’ve been trying to work more and more on food preservation and frugality with our limited grocery budget so you should expect to see some posts of that nature coming soon. I promise not to publish any of my horrible cooking recipes that I swear Hubby only eats out of sympathy for me. Any requests for posts are gladly welcome!




Little E loves to help with dinner prep ❤

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